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1/2lb - 2lb


Rosey Goat


1/2lb - 2lb


The perfect cracker for dipping into your soft cheeses like La Tur or Harbison, hummus too, and great with nutty Alpine cheeses!


Classic Smoked Almonds are standard for wood smoked almonds. Lightly smoked over a hand picked blend of almond, peach and cherry wood, these almonds have a perfect balance of both smoked and roasted flavor. If you have never tried AgStandard almonds before, Classic Salt and Pepper is a great place to start. Classic Salt and [...]


Shelburne Farms cold smokes this 6 month aged cheddar with hickory wood for 8 hours to give it just enough sweet and bacon-like aromas and flavors, without overpowering the qualities of the cheese itself. Milk type: Brown Swiss Cow Milk treatment: Raw Age: 6 Months Maker: Shelburne Farms Place: Shelburne, Vermont Style: Cold-Smoked Semi-Hard Rennet: [...]




1/2lb - 2lb


Tapping Reeve


1/2lb - 2lb




1/2lb - 2lb