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Quince & Apple make this floral raspberry preserve with the simplest ingredients: raspberries, cane sugar, lemon juice, water, pectin and rose oil. Try it with Gruyère or Comtè, fresh chèvre, and lemon shortbread!   6oz, 170g


This completely pure, raw, and unfiltered wildflower honey from Alba Flower Apiaries in Granby is an exceptional accompaniment to our cheeses, but is also great on toast, in tea or coffee, and is a perfect sweetener for baked goods. Did you know, honey is a good source of antibiotics, has antibacterial properties, is a prebiotic, [...]


The perfect cracker for dipping into your soft cheeses like La Tur or Harbison, hummus too, and great with nutty Alpine cheeses!


Quince & Apple make this savory preserve with the simplest ingredients: Shallots, red wine, cane sugar, water, red wine vinegar, salt and pectin. Try it with blue cheese and rye bread, Parmigiano Reggiano, grilled steak and vegetables.   6oz, 170g


Classic Smoked Almonds are standard for wood smoked almonds. Lightly smoked over a hand picked blend of almond, peach and cherry wood, these almonds have a perfect balance of both smoked and roasted flavor. If you have never tried AgStandard almonds before, Classic Salt and Pepper is a great place to start. Classic Salt and [...]

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Local lowbush blueberries and Organic Lavender buds made into a lightly sweetened jam with a hint of lavender. Made in Grassy Knoll Farm, Riverton CT Low Sugar Local seasonal fruit Organic Sugar